Stress Proof
Your Body

Release your tension, boost your energy and feel fantastic every day

Stress Proof Your Body was my first book and is still my most popular as it speaks about issues that affect everyone – stress and tension.

In this ground-breaking book I explain why tension is the issue, why it affects humans more than animals and what steps we can take to minimise the damage.

It discusses why all usual attempts to relax are doomed to be short term at best but also how relaxation is a skill that can be mastered. In the same way you can train muscles to be stronger you can also train them to be softer and better able to deal with stress.

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The Reviews

“I’m not sure quite what I expected to learn about stress from this book, but I must say that I have really enjoyed it and will use it as a reference book, earmarking the various exercises that it describes.”

“This is a book everybody needs to read. If you think your body is relaxed, just try some of the exercises in this book and you’ll feel tension you didn’t realise was there drop away. There are a variety of exercises, breathing and visualisation techniques (nothing strenuous) that are well explained, both in their execution and benefits, and many can be practiced anywhere while going about your day to day life without anybody around even realising!”

“I was really surprised how much tension I was holding onto and how this was affecting my life. The simple exercises almost immediately helped me loosen up my muscles and release the tension, in my case particular around my neck and shoulders. “

“It highlights the importance of being able to take control back and stress proof yourself. Very informative and helpful. I also recommended this to some of my clients, as I’m a psychotherapist myself and they found it useful too.”

“A great book with lots of unique exercises, personal anecdotes and interesting pieces of information. Its very comprehensive and touches on a lot of different areas besides stress, I think it is a must read for anyone interested reducing stress.”

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