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Tai Chi and Kung Fu Master

Paul began his journey in the Chinese martial and healing arts back in the mid 1980s. He was very fortunate to discover a Master living nearby who was carrying the lineage knowledge of a rare South West Chinese Taoist tradition.

Paul studied with him for many years. He learned a range of kung fu skills and healing techniques alongside the Taoist philosophy.

Virtually everything he teaches now has its roots in that tradition, named after it’s place of birth – the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

Paul has run the Jade Dragon School in Reading since 2003 and has personally trained over 1000 individuals in various aspects of these arts.



Paul has written three books so far and is working on a fourth.

His first book ‘Stress Proof Your Body’ is all about tension, how it affects your mind and body and how you can learn to release it to relax fully. It has 5 stars on Amazon.

His second book ‘The Effortless Power of Kung Fu’ is all about the history, training and tactics of kung fu. It’s a great introduction for anyone looking to learn more about what real kung fu is and what it has become over recent  years.

His third book ‘Training the Tiger of Tai Chi’ talks about how tai chi has largely lost its roots and is now seen as simple gentle exercise without the philosophy, solid training and power generation that it used to be. It’s largely disregarded as a martial art these days despite at one time being one of the most sophisticated and effective martial arts on the planet.


Paul has trained in a number of therapies over the years. From his original training in traditional Chinese therapies such as Chi Nei Tsang and energy healing to Trigger Point Therapy.

His clients have often been in pain or had emotional issues for a significant time and have tried many other options to no avail. Paul treats the whole person not just the part that hurts. He understands the connections between our physical pain and emotional turmoil and helps restore balance. He has had great success with issues that have not responded to other treatments. 


Teaching a wide range of practices to restore health, balance and vitality to mind, body and spirit.

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