Chi Nei Tsang

Chinese Abdominal Massage

A body that is out of balance can often start to develop physical and mental health issues.

  • anxiety and depression
  • mood swings
  • digestive upsets
  • chronic pain
  • skin problems
  • breathing difficulties

and much more.

Chi Nei Tsang is an extraordinary ancient therapy system that mostly involves massaging the abdomen.

The aim is to restore health and balance to the core of the body where so many health problems originate.

The therapy works on many levels. 

It triggers a detoxification process where your body is better able to rid itself of both physical and emotional toxins.

IIt reintegrates parts of the body that are in pain. When we feel hurt in any way we often lock that pain away under layers of tension so that we no longer have to feel it. But without feeling there can be no healing.

Without feeling there can be no healing

It works with your internal organs to restore healthy function.

It also helps release pent up emotions that have been locked up in the abdominal area often since childhood. I have witnessed some extraordinary releases that have resulted in profound changes in the client’s physical and mental health. 

The Effects

Chi Nei Tsang is very effective at releasing both physical pain and emotional trauma. It has often worked where other treatment modalities have failed. 

It works with your breathing, your posture and your energy. It works with the very organs you need to digest your food and stimulate your immune system. It works at the very core of who you are so it gets to the very root of your issues.

Below are just some of the many issues that CNT has helped relieve:

  • Relief of chronic pains of all kinds – back pain, neck and shoulder issues, pains in knees and feet etc.
  • Digestive issues of all kinds
  • Unresolved emotional issues
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Sexual and menstrual issues
Chi Nei Tsang is a very relaxing therapy. It’s one where the therapist and client work closely together to open up parts that have been shut down and are now causing problems.

If you have any unresolved issues that haven’t responded to other treatments then give it a try. 

Chi Nei Tsang sessions are £50 for the first session and £40 for subsequent ones.

Contact me to arrange your first session.

I also offer Trigger Point Therapy for chronic pain.

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