Trigger Point

The effective treatment for chronic pain

Chronic pain is the most common reason why people visit their GP. Yet most GPs have very little they can do to help.

They can dish out painkillers and send you for scans but scans very rarely show the real cause of pain. This is because most chronic pain is referred pain. In other words the cause of the pain is not where it hurts but elsewhere on your body.

All chronic pain (pain that’s been ongoing for some time) is either directly caused by or severely exacerbated by chronic physical tension. The tightness in  your muscles is holding onto your pain.

When a muscle holds onto tension in a muscle for a long time to save energy it maintains that tension in one or more particular spots on the muscles. These are knots, also called trigger points. If you can find and release these trigger points then the pain will go away, usually permanently.

Even if your doctor has told you that you have a structural issue such as arthritis, slipped or herniated disc, bursitis etc then most of the pain you feel is still coming from your muscles. Many people have joint degeneration without experiencing any pain at all.


Referred Pain

Trigger points almost always refer pain away from where they are. Trigger points in your neck can cause problems in your upper back or even in your hands. Trigger points in your hips lead to lower back pain and so on.

Luckily all these trigger points and their referred pain patterns have been mapped out. So an experienced trigger point therapist when faced with a chronic pain will know exactly which muscles are most likely to be holding onto the pain.

Once the points have been located you can work on them yourself in your own time. Trigger points respond best to being worked on just for a few seconds but several times a day. If you can do this even pains that have been ongoing for years can fade away in just a few days or weeks at the most.

Some of the points are hard to reach or hard to get enough pressure. Also there may be other satellite points that may be adding to the pain. If so you can always book in for more sessions. 

Trigger Point Therapy sessions are £50 for the first session and £40 for subsequent ones.

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